Its that time of year again Lasses, when you’ve dropped clues all ower the show and he still doesn’t get the bloody hint!


So me and the girls have trawled the depths of Cumbria and beyond to find you some of the best ideas to keep you and him indoors occupied this Valentines day


Have a night out (in)


What I’d give to be Out Out and scoping some shapes in Club 135. BUT… we’re not twining…it is a global pandemic after all…The guys at Club 135 have smashed lockdown as a la’al business and have been  scopping food and cocktails out to their customers and this Valentines is no exception.

With their menu of Pizzas and Burgers there’s summat for every yan!

Get the food and cocktails in, get out the disco light and you have a party made for two. 

Be sure to get your orders in fast coz they’ll be sold out faster than you can say BAE

If you’re unfortunate to be outside of their delivery zone you can find someone in the area as several businesses in Cumbria offering both cocktail and food deliveries.



Couple Tarot Reading with Catherine Alexander 


Catherine’s a long-time marra of ours, and we can honestly say, hand on heart she’s got the gift. She’s given us advice and read our cards (mainly to give advice on dickheads from our past) and keep us on the straight and narrow. I’d love to sit with my fella and watch as the cards he chooses tell him how fucking wonderful I am and he should stop leaving his wet towels on the bastard floor.. Coz you know… it messes with my Chi 😉 

No, seriously, with things as they are, everyone is feeling it and what better way to celebrate Valentines than to make and set goals with your other half and look forward to the future. Close some doors on the past and lay some demons to bed

Give Catherine a shout at or give her a whatspp/text/ring on 07711116204and get booked in. Say hi to her from us! 




Flowers – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


Who doesn’t love flowers? AND if you don’t many of these florists are offering other options, like Oopsie Daisy in Carlisle who also makes the most gorgeous chocolate bouquets. We recommended the following who are offering valentines specials and something a bit different

Oopsie Daisy – Carlisle


Flower basket, Whitehaven


Jar of hearts, Cleator Moor


Fearon Flowers, Workington


Flowercraft, Barrow


Vandella, Carlisle


Floral Boutique, Cockermouth 



Made in Flowers, Kendal


Flower designs, Penrith


The bloom room, Millom


Bond (age)


The obvious one, You’ve got a whole night and nowhere to go. You’ve spent the last almost year getting on each others wick and living in each others pockets, lockdown is taking its toll. So lets remember why you’re together and remember the fundamentals of your relationship

Intimacy & communication is the bottom line of any relationship and its often easy to lose sight of this when day to day shit gets in the way. So Valentines day doesn’t need to be all whips, chains and butt plugs it can very much be about reconnecting and baring your soul.

Being vulnerable with someone else is daunting, giving that much over to someone else is courageous and its worth remembering that when someone gives that kind of power to you, to treat it with the respect and dignity it deserves.
So before you get the sex swing and rabbit out, get naked, talk, cuddle, take your time with each other. Talk about what makes you tick, talk about your inner dreams, your fantasies, your life goals and how that includes your other half.

Sharing is caring after all, and sometimes we need to remember that close connection we have with someone else to remember why you fight for each other and why the fight is worth it.


This kind of vulnerability makes the whips and chains just an added bonus.

We can wholly recommend Love honey for all your bondage needs and we especially love the Bondage for beginners kit

Available here





 Go to your local beauty spot

We live in such a beautiful part of the world, and no matter where you are in Cumbria you are close to a place of fantastic beauty. What’s more romantic than an evening stroll arm and arm with your lover. One such place I like to go to is Talkin Tarn near Carlisle. It has a cozy little bird observatory that is handy for cuddling and stargazing. Hopefully, the stars will be out, but hey it’s Cumbria so probably not, but it is still very romantic.




 Life Painting Portraits with Kelle Pearce 

Kelle is an old friend of CeeElle and she’s an absolute Queen. She’s offering life paintings from pics you send to her and she’s taking orders up until Friday and you can collect them in person from her gaff in Cockermouth!

Not gonna lie – we’ve sent ours in and we can’t wait to see them! Boobs an all!


Check out more of Kelles work on insta  @kellepearcedesigns/


Fancy some online double dating? triple dating? This is an absolute belter of an idea.

Get the Watson to your Sherlock and tackle these online detective games! We can’t wait to give it a go on Sunday! This brilliant Cumbrian company Lakes Escapes normally offer proper escape rooms in Workington but theyre closed coz of Covid, so help keep a local business going and enjoy a night of mystery and mayhem from the comfort of your own living room….or bedroom if you prefer

Book now and secure your place!


Dirty Sex Game for Couples

This is definitely one of our faves. Download straight to your phone and away you go.

Spin the spinner in turn, and choose truth or dare.

With 4 difficulty levels you can start really slow and build up to extreme. A great addition to your apps, and you can break it out whenever the mood takes you



Order your favourite takeaway/Pub lunch and get dressed up together – check out Coastal Eats / Barrow Eats or contact local restaurants to see what they have to offer

A few of our favourites are (Click on the pic for website link)


Get shitfaced and play a board game together. This can also be done virtually for those who aren’t lockdown buddies. 

And what better way to celebrate your love for each other and the lakes than this…. LAKES MONOPOLOY!!!

Whoever flips the table first gets a spanking in the next game 😉

I spot a Herdy!


Enjoy Your Valentine Day/Night whatever your doing peeps, this years gonna be a tough one for us all, so hold your loved one tight and remember, this shit won’t laast forever, we will come out the other side stronger together


All my Love