Calling ALL parents. Single mams, single dads, co-parenting mams and dads, guardians, the bloody lot of yas. This one is for yous. Grab a cuppa and have 5, hopefully uninterrupted minutes to yerself while we have a crack… ALEXA. What does uninterrupted mean?!


Parenting is hard as it is eh? The universe had to test us all this past year by throwing a spanner in the works with

this pandemic shite. If you’ve been listening along to our “What’s Crack?” podcasts, Cee Ell will ask me how’s the homeschooling going.. Every time, without fail, you’ll hear me let out a massive fuck off sigh (I’m sure there’s a good few of yas out there who can relate). We all have different circumstances don’t we; different tribes of different ages etc. Some have just the yan, some have more than yan. I just have a la’al mini me who is only at Nursery. But bloody hell you’d think she’s 14 not 4! She keeps me on my toes and even flat on my arse some days. Nah really, I fell down the stairs t’other day coz she’d left some toys hangin up ont flooer. (In my defense I was carrying down a shit load of washing so didn’t see them)


I’m gonna let yas know a la’al bit about me, when my mini me was born I was diagnosed with Postnatal depression. I already had anxiety beforehand but that escalated. BIG TIME. It’s understandable by the time she turned 3 I was SO ready for her to start school and to be honest with ya so she was she! Then Christmas term break 2020 came and, well, the term break hasn’t ended has it?! Not yet lads and lasses, not yet. Can’t even call it a break can we? Don’t get me wrong, props to the teachers for doing their best to help us teach from home.. There’s a couple of differences there, mind. For starters, we don’t have a degree in teaching and we don’t get paid for it! But that’s the point I’m getting to.. DON’T STRESS YOURSELF OUT. 



We are in the moment of making history! No one has dealt with this before, aye there’s been a few pandemics, but not in this day and age with this type of technology and that. EVERYBODY has so many different circumstances.. Key workers, working from home, mental health sufferers etc. My biggest advice to anyone and everyone out there (not just parents!) is to take it one day at a time. Hour by hour! If all you managed was to feed and wash your kids (and/or yourself) today, fucking GREAT! Tomorrow is a new day. Take no heed of those parents, especially the “Karen’s” (if you know, you know) on Facebook who have a constant clean and tidy house, the first one to click register at 9am on the dot. The ones who are constantly crafting with their kids. Just keep reminding yourself; Everybody’s. Circumstances. Are. Different. Your best divvn’t mean it’s someyan else’s best!


You won’t believe how long it’s took me to write these few paragraphs. I’ve had to wait till my darling terror has been in bed, fast asleep n’all coz she’s always shouting for summet. A drink, different teddy, a snuggle.. Even on my worst days y’know, when she is fast asleep and the house is quiet.. As much as I’m thankful for a break, I’m thankful for her, I just dunno what I’d do without her. 


Tee xo