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Through Lockdown 1.0, our saving grace was our Zoom nights out. All the lasse’s in our own houses with a bottle of vino and a camera. Its amazing how many pints of Jennings you can get through when no-ones counting at the bar! 

So with Lockdown 3.0 fully underway, our la’al project “Relaunch CumbrianLass” came to a bit of a halt, so we drunkenly decided that actually, our Zoom nights out were hysterical and we wanted the whole of Cumbria to join in and have a crack with us. 

So now we bring to you “What’s Crack? The CumbrianLass Podcast” a couple of hours a week where we catch up, chew the fat, get on our soapboxes and work through our shit! 

Every week we will look at what’s going on in the world, tackle any daily mentals we’re going through and we want you all to join in!

If there’s anything you want us to crack about, any points you want to make, owt you wanna twine aboot, get in touch with our Dee and she’ll make sure yous are on our agenda for’t day!


Speak soon Lasses!



cumbrian lass

Cumbrian Lass


The TopLass herself. Hailing from the depths of Jamland, she’s got a gob the size of the Corkickle Tunnel, a heart the size of Scafell and shes as mad as a bottle of spiders.

Paving the way for us Cumbrians to get our voices heard, shes the Original CeeElle



The American Cumbrian (TAC) hails from New Orleans. She emigrated to Cumbria in 2002. She has recently been named honorary Cumbrian by the top lass herself. Tune in to see how Cumbrian she really is…



Tee is our fun loving hippy from the steel jungle they call Workington, however this girl is a Whitehaven lass to her very core. With an open minded approach to the world, she doesn’t mind telling it how it is.



An open minded quick-witted Cumbrian with a zest for life. Not Cumbrian born but definitely Cumbrian raised! Listen to this Cumbrian raised lass take on the world, put it under her thumb, and make the Universe her bitch.



Born and raised in South Lakes, actually, let’s not mess about, a Barra lass through and through so obviously a classy lady. Moved south for a few years ago but we Cumbrians always come back! Loves having the great outdoors on her doorstep.

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Come and meet all the lasses, as Cumbrian Lass does her very first roll call.

Tune in Friday for the very first episode where we will chat about mental health, lockdown 2.0, and see how Tac gets on with her Cumbrian word of the day.

Listen to the trailer.

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